Artichoke Extract and Forskolin

8 July, 2014
The Artichoke Extract and Forskolin Stack - Nootelligence Blog

Artichoke Extract and Forskolin have become an extremely popular combination in the nootropics user community in the past couple of years. The combination was first introduced by a man named Abelard Lindsay in this thread here on Supplementing with Artichoke Extract and Forskolin can provide a range of benefits. Users report experiences to involve increased motivation levels, enhanced ability to learn and remember information in long term and short term, enhanced mood, and increased ability to study and focus. The secret to the magic of this nootropic stack is in the science of Long-Term Potentiation, or LTP for short.

The Artichoke Extract and Forskolin Stack - Nootelligence Blog

What’s LTP?


Long-term potentiation is a long-term enhancement in signal strength in the synapses between neurons that are stimulated simultaneously. LTP is a cellular mechanism that is largely recognized as one of the major underlying processes involved with learning and memory and synaptic plasticity. The permanence of an encoded memory in your brain is thought to be dependent on the synaptic strength of corresponding neurons, so strengthening these synapses is thought to lead to stronger, more permanent memories, and therefore enhanced learning abilities.


What’s this got to do with Artichoke Extract and Forskolin?


Great question! The artichoke extract and forskolin stack is effective because of its ability to induce long-term potentiation. There are two processes induced by the artichoke extract and forskolin stack that result in long-term potentiation.


1. PDE4 Inhibition


The Artichoke Extract and Forskolin Stack - Nootelligence BlogPDE-4, short for phosphodiesterase-4, is an enzyme that is known to block chemical signals in the brain. This is not something that we want when it comes to learning and being motivated! One of the chemicals broken down by PDE-4 is cAMP, short for cyclic adenosine monophosphate. When PDE-4 is inhibited, some of the effects that have been found include neuroprotection, increased alertness, and improved cognition and memory. Thankfully, there are ways to inhibit PDE-4 naturally, and Artichoke extract is thought to be the most effective way to do this!


2. Increasing cAMP


The Artichoke Extract and Forskolin Stack - Nootelligence BlogAs mentioned above, cAMP is a molecule responsible for relaying chemical signals in the brain. In addition to the decreased blocking of cAMP signals by the artichoke extract, as mentioned above, the second process of the artichoke extract and forskolin stack is increasing cAMP. Now this is where the forskolin comes into play. Forskolin is an herbal supplement that has been used in Indian medicine for thousands of years. Forskolin is one of the only supplements – if not the only – that can naturally increase cAMP levels. It does this by activating the enzyme adenylyl cyclase.


End Result: LTP!!


By inhibiting PDE-4, and by increasing cAMP, Long-Term Potentiation is induced, leading to the many benefits that users report having from the artichoke extract and forskolin stack.

The Artichoke Extract and Forskolin Stack - Nootelligence Blog

The creator of this stack has actually taken it a bit further to enhance the effects of the artichoke extract and forskolin combination. He calls this enhanced stack the “CILTEP Stack,” and it’s popularity has been on the rapid rise since he first introduced it.


What’s the CILTEP Stack?


CILTEP stands for “Chemically Induced Long Term Potentiation,” and it involves the addition of Phenylalanine, ALCAR and Vitamin B6. The phenylalanine and Vitamin B are to support dopamine metabolism, and are important for avoiding fatigue that may be caused by the stack. The ALCAR helps prevent sleepiness which could be a side-effect of the forskolin.


The Artichoke Extract and Forskolin Stack (CILTEP)  - Nootelligence BlogThe dosages that the CILTEP stack creator, Abelard Lindsay, suggested are as follows: 900mg Artichoke Extract; 4mg active Forskolin; 500mg Phenylalanine; 5mg Vitamin B6; 750-800mg ALCAR. Since a typical Coleus Forskohlii powder contains about 10-20% of active forskolin, you may need to take about 20-40mg of your chosen forskolin supplement to achieve the 4mg active forskolin. Make sure to check the potency of your forskolin when determining your dosage!




If you try out this stack, we would love to hear your reviews and experiences! Don’t be surprised by any improvements in your ability to form and retain memories!

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