Coluracetam: Four Interesting Facts

20 June, 2014
4 Interesting Facts About Coluracetam - Nootelligence Blog

Coluracetam is a high-potency cognitive enhancer was only made available to the general public in the summer of 2013, at which point serious nootropics users had already been eagerly awaiting its arrival for some time. As a member of the Racetam family of nootropics, Coluracetam is a compound derivative of Piracetam. Coluracetam was first synthesized in 2005 and researched for its uses against Alzheimer’s disease. While it has quickly gained recognition for its pronounced cognitive effects, there are a number of other fascinating things about this potent cognitive enhancer. Here are four of them:

1) In 2012, someone paid $16,000 to have 500 grams of Coluracetam made.

You read that right. In 2012, a year ahead of its public release, one high-status member of the online smart drugs community paid a European custom synthesis laboratory $16,000 to have 500 grams of Coluracetam synthesized. Once acquired, he proceeded to provide this in-depth review of the new drug and all aspects of his experience with it. Luckily for the rest of us, Coluracetam is now available for purchase from most online nootropics suppliers. Here’s an image of the original invoice, for your entertainment:

4 Interesting Facts About Coluracetam - Nootelligence Blog

2) It is one of the only known high-affinity choline-uptake enhancers.

Coluracetam was first created in 2005, immediately joining a small group of compounds unique in their ability to enhance high affinity choline uptake (HACU). Essentially this means that it speeds up the flow of acetylcholine in brain synapses, making it effective in aiding processes of memory, learning and neurological function. Choline is a chemical precursor for the neurotransmitter acetylcholine – the first neurotransmitter discovered, and one of the more important neurotransmitters in regard to mood, memory and intelligence. The fact that Coluracetam actually enhances choline uptake means that its effects are different than those of choline precursor supplements. Many people find its effects to be more uplifting and positive than the latter. The following diagram shows the uptake of choline and release of acetylcholine in neurons:

4 Interesting Facts About Coluracetam - Nootelligence Blog

3) Clinical trials suggest that it might be ideal for people with co-morbid depression and anxiety.

A study conducted by BrainCells Inc. found Coluracetam effective in patients simultaneously experiencing major depressive disorder and general anxiety disorder, who had previously failed treatment on an average of two antidepressants. Patients demonstrated positive behavioral changes and increased self-efficacy without changing serotonin levels, possibly eliminating the side effects common with SSRIs and making this smart drug a viable alternative to SSRIs.

4 Interesting Facts About Coluracetam - Nootelligence Blog

4) It might be useful in the prevention and treatment of optic nerve injuries.

The Racetams have long been noted for their enhancing effects on visual perception. It is rumored that Coluracetam even got its name from its ability to improve eyesight by making colors and shapes appear more vivid. Especially effective in regions of the brain associated with visual processing, Coluracetam has apparently been found to support neurological function, even in damaged or impaired neurons, showing promise for potential future use in the clinical treatment and prevention of damage to the optic nerve and retina. While this claim is supported by Wikipedia and various other online sources, all references are without cited scientific research, so it’s too early to be certain of these claims.

4 Interesting Facts About Coluracetam - Nootelligence Blog

Stay tuned for more nootropics-related information, and let us know of your own experiences with the cognitive enhancers we discuss!

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