Nootropics To Calm Your Mind and Reduce Distractions

16 May, 2014
Nootropics to Calm Your Mind and Reduce Distractions - Nootelligence Blog

When most people think of productivity or focus, they picture being extremely alert or wired. But focus and productivity are much more complicated than that and involve more than just high energy and alertness. Being stimulated or jittery alone can often lead to being inattentive to important details, or even being over-attentive to unimportant details. For many people, the best way to increase productivity is achieved with a balance of alertness and calmness. Here are a few of the nootropics that will help you achieve this “calm focus” that you are really after.


This amino acid is found in green tea and is a staple within the nootropics community because of its ability to produce tranquil, calming feelings. It also interacts with caffeine and can remove the jitteriness associated with the stimulant, providing the feeling of “calm focus” that many users report. L-Theanine is actually credited as being the reason that so many people can consume so much tea and remain calm, without feeling jittery or stimulated from the caffeine. Typical doses of L-Theanine are roughly around 200mg taken with caffeine.

Nootropics to Calm Your Mind and Reduce Distractions - Nootelligence Blog


Aniracetam is a relative of Piracetam, as it is a member of the Racetam family of nootropics. This smart drug is credited among users as being effective for producing calming effects and reducing stress levels. This can be extremely for productivity if you are anything like me. I will often feel an accompanying nervousness when I have high mental energy levels, and I will waste time checking to make sure everything is absolutely perfect before I move on to another thing. I will spend time running around double checking everything and wasting time by actually letting my over-attentiveness find ways to distract me and slow me down. When taking Aniracetam, my sensitivity to stress-related distractions decreases, allowing me to direct my energy and attention towards the more important things. I would definitely recommend Aniracetam to anyone that experiences the same over-attentiveness that I have described. Start off with about 800mg and see how it makes you feel!


Nootropics to Calm Your Mind and Reduce Distractions - Nootelligence BlogBacopa, short for Bacopa Monnieri, is a naturally growing herb that has been used in Indian medicine for hundreds of years. It’s also a very beautiful natural plant, as shown below. While it has a long history of use in ayurvedic medicine as a memory enhancer and healing substance, it has more recently been studied for its stress-fighting qualities and effects on the brain’s levels of dopamine, serotonin, and cortisol. While high dopamine and serotonin levels make us feel good, high cortisol levels produce stress. Therefore, when cortisol levels are high, serotonin and dopamine levels are low, and vice versa. One recent animal study found that Bacopa prevented a stress-induced rise in cortisol and therefore prevented a decline in serotonin and dopamine levels. Bacopa can be helpful for preventing rises in stress, and therefore can be a great choice if you are trying to calm your mind of distractions in order to stay focused. Since the active components of bacopa (called bacosides) vary, make sure to consider the bacoside content when determining a dose. A typical concentrated bacopa extract will contain 55% bacosides, and at this level, I would recommend a 300mg dose. If using the bacopa leaf itself, a higher dose will be required for comparable effects.

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