Tyrosine and NALT Benefits on Memory and Stress

16 April, 2014
Benefits of NALT and Tyrosine on Memory and Stress

What are Tyrosine and NALT?

Tyrosine is one of the 22 amino acids that our cells use to make or synthesize proteins.  It is usually found in cells that make proteins used for signal transduction processes. NALT is short for N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine, and it is a more water soluble form of Tyrosine. Tyrosine supplements like NALT are still being studied to discover their full uses, but what has been found show that they have a lot of offer.

What can they do for you?

Do you have a job that is both physically and mentally stressful?  It seems that everyone is answering yes to this question these days. Tyrosine can be used by your body to reduce the effects of stress including cognitive impairment and blood pressure changes.  Tyrosine was studied on a group of cadets in a demanding military combat training course.  Those who received Tyrosine performed better on both a memory and a tracking test than those who did not.  From this study, scientists concluded that tyrosine may “reduce the effects of stress and fatigue on cognitive task performance.”  Also noted in this study, a raise in blood pressure or heart rate, a problem of some Nootropics, was not observed.

Benefits of NALT and Tyrosine on Memory and Stress

A similar find was observed with subjects in another study made to have a working memory deficit (cold-induced). The subjects were asked to do a matching exercise, some with a cold-induced working memory deficit at 2 degrees C and others without the cold temperatures. Those who received Tyrosine while in the cold performed just as well as the group with no environmental factors affecting their working memory.

It may seem that these conditions are nothing like those faced day to day; however, the same stresses that come out of these simulated conditions can also be found in individuals facing loss of a loved one, divorce, academic or workplace stress, and even exercise fatigue.

Others may benefit from NALT too. Although adequate research is still needed, Tyrosine is involved in the process of making dopamine. Balancing dopamine level in the body is used to help those battling addictions as well as increasing the enjoyment of day-to-day activities. Increasing dopamine can even be used to increase sex drive.

Benefits of NALT and Tyrosine on Memory and Stress

Tyrosine is also part of Phenylalanine which is being studied to treat depression, ADHD, Parkinson’s disease, chronic pain, arthritis, and addiction.

How can you get it?

Benefits of NALT and Tyrosine on Memory and StressNALT is consumed in high-protein dietary sources such as meats, dairy products, and Avocados; however, studies show that the with a typical Western diet the average American gets almost double the protein needed in one day.  Increasing protein in one’s diet can also lead to an increase in the consumption of fats and saturated fats.  High-protein diets can lead to Osteoporosis, impaired Kidney function, or even Cancer.  Taking NALT as part of a Nootropic stack gives you the benefits associated with a high-protein diet without the negative effects.

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